Nashville, TN to Car Town Kia USA

1.   Turn slight left onto James Robertson Pkwy/US-31 N/US-41 N/US-431 N/TN-6/TN-11.

1.    James Robertson Pkwy is just past 4th Ave

2.    If you are on Charlotte Ave and reach 3Rd Ave you've gone a little too far

Then 0.76 miles

2.   Merge onto Ellington Pkwy/US-31E N/TN-6.

Then 4.75 miles

3.   Merge onto I-65 N toward Louisville (Crossing into Kentucky).

Then 124.94 miles

4.   Take EXIT 93 toward Bardstown/Lexington.

Then 0.61 miles

5.   Merge onto Martha Layne Collins Blue Grass Pkwy.

Then 70.72 miles

6.   Merge onto Pisgah Pike Scenic Byway/US-60 E via EXIT 72A toward Lexington.

Then 6.19 miles

7.   Merge onto W New Circle Rd S/KY-4 S.

Then 4.45 miles

8.   Take the US-27/NICHOLASVILLE ROAD exit, EXIT19, toward Nicholasville/Lexington.

Then 0.23 miles

9.   Merge onto US-27 S toward Nicholasville.

Then 4.13 miles

10. Car Town Kia USA, 3120 LEXINGTON RD is on the left.

1.    Your destination is just past Kohls Dr

2.    If you reach Park Central Ave you've gone about 0.1 miles too far