Kia Lease Return FAQs

Is it almost time for your Kia lease to be over? Do you have questions concerning how the process works and exactly what will be expected of you?

Car Town KIA is dedicated to making sure drivers in Frankfort, Lexington, and Nicholasville, KY, have the information they need when it comes to all things automotive. We have put together the following answers to Kia lease return FAQs.

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Q. Do I Have to Return My Leased Kia Vehicle to Your Dealership?

A. No. Any authorized Kia dealer will gladly accept your Kia car.

Q. Can I Return My Leased Kia Vehicle to a Dealer That Is Not a Kia Dealer?

A. No. The dealership you choose must be an authorized Kia dealer.

Q. Is it Possible to End My Lease Early?

A. You can definitely turn your Kia model in prior to your lease maturity, if you would like. However, doing so may result in your being responsible for paying some charges. For more information on this matter, be sure to consult your contract.

Q. Will I Be Billed for Additional Charges When I Return My Lease?

A. Your end-of-term invoice may include charges for excess mileage, excess wear and use, a turn-in fee, monthly payments that have yet to be paid or are past due, taxes, tolls, and parking violations.

Q. How Do I Return My License Plates?

A. If your state requires you to return your plates, this must take place once you have returned your Kia vehicle. The next thing for you to do will be to fax us your state’s receipt at (972) 590-3995. Choosing not to cancel or to transfer the license plate will result in your being liable for any official fees, tickets, and taxes for that vehicle. If you’re in CT, MA, or RI, you can fax a copy of the plate cancellation/transfer receipt to (714) 368-7802 to avoid being held liable for personal property tax in the future.

Q. Can I Purchase the Kia Model I’ve Been Leasing?

A. Of course! Buying your Kia vehicle at the end of your lease is an option you’re free to choose.

Q. Is There a Purchase Option Fee?

A. Yes. This will be required along with a fixed price once you have reached the scheduled end of the lease term.

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Here at Car Town KIA, we hope that the above answers to the questions we receive the most about returning leased Kia vehicles has helped you understand what’s needed for you to easily navigate this process.

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