Elizabethtown to Car Town Kia USA

1.   Start out going southeast on W Dixie Ave/US-31W Stoward Helm Ave.

Then 0.24 miles

2.   Turn left onto N Mulberry St/US-62 E/KY-61.

1.    N Mulberry St is just past Bond St

2.    Niceley's Furniture is on the corner

3.    If you reach Cherry Aly you've gone a little too far

Then 2.06 miles

3.   Merge onto I-65 S toward Nashville.

Then 0.83 miles

4.   Take EXIT 93 toward Lexington/Bardstown.

Then 0.91 miles

5.   Merge onto Martha Layne Collins Blue Grass Pkwy.

Then 67.60 miles

6.   Take the KY-33 exit, EXIT 68, toward Versailles.

Then 0.27 miles

7.   Keep right to take the ramp toward US 68.

Then 0.03 miles

8.   Turn right onto Troy Pike/KY-33.

Then 1.15 miles

9.   Turn left onto Pinckard Pike/KY-169. Continue to follow KY-169.

1.    KY-169 is 0.1 miles past River Mountain Ln

2.    If you reach Cabinhill Ln you've gone about 0.2 miles too far

Then 7.13 miles

10. Turn left onto Keene Rd/KY-169.

1.    Keene Rd is just past Shady Elm St

2.    If you reach Kingston Rd you've gone about 0.1 miles too far

Then 4.58 miles

11. Turn left onto US-27 N.

1.    US-27 N is just past US-27 S

Then 3.71 miles

12. Car Town Kia USA, 3120 LEXINGTON RD is on the right.

1.    Your destination is 0.1 miles past Park Central Ave

2.    If you reach Commerce Dr you've gone a little too far